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Is a dynamic and constantly growing
network of excellent ENTERPRISES,

Funding R&D, Business Networking, Knowledge Improvement

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The cluster of Information Technology
and Multimedia in Piedmont

The ICT Cluster facilitates the collaboration
between SMEs and innovative start-ups, large
companies, research institutes operating in

The Cluster aims at creating the best synergies to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, by fostering the development of collaborative R&D projects, promoting innovation in the sector, developing skills and by providing opportunities for business networking.

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Progetto SALC
Progetto SIRIO
Progetto NERD
Progetto Mini-EeHLSA
Progetto ARmotive
Progetto Xfan
Progetto SFGW
Progetto ASIU
Progetto NeuroVirtual3D
Progetto CI-ScRAT
Progetto FA.RE.
Progetto AR3
Progetto 3CS
Progetto MASP
Progetto VaRA
Progetto INCA
Progetto AUTUMN (AUTomotive hUMan Net)
Progetto CIAD
Progetto Verve
Progetto VANACA
Progetto IoT_|_ToI
Progetto µCloud
Progetto STORIES
Progetto FINEXTE

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220+ members Companies, Universities, Research,

134 R&D projects

35,5M€ investments in Piedmont

130+ events and corporate meetings

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Torino Wireless

The Torino Wireless Foundation has been appointed by the Piedmont Regional Government to manage the ICT Cluster. As key player for the industrial development of the Region, Torino Wireless fosters innovation in enterprises in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sectors and boosts dialogue among research and innovation, business and finance.

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