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One of the first companies in Italy to believe and invest in the Call Centre and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business, Sysman was set up in Ivrea (TO) in 1984 and, over the years, has acquired experience in the telecommunications sector. The company’s leading product, Contact Pro, a CRM solution for database marketing, telemarketing and contact management applications adopted by companies and contact centres, with a total of over 25,000 users, is currently the software platform with the largest installed base in Italy. The latest addition to the family of Sysman solutions is Norma Pro, the customer record normalization platform, which has its own database acquired over 15 years of research and recording activities. With its offices in Ivrea and Milan, Sysman is now a dynamic company that combines in-depth knowledge of the platforms entirely developed by its own R&D staff with the consulting requirements of our continually-expanding customers.

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