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Envisaging debit cards as physical terminals for carrying out bank transactions begun on the phone or on the Internet, like an app. A debit card that recognises us from a mere touch and allows us to ask for help from an operator we can talk to face-to-face on screen, without the need for an ultra-fast data network. This is the vision that led the APM-Bank team during their feasibility study. The aim was to identify – through direct contact with banks and clients – the needs that today’s banking industry considers to be priorities in its ongoing modernisation, in order to evaluate what kinds of avant-garde technology can be made available.

Description chiudi


The study managed to identify the hardware and functional requirements of the APM of the future, in consultation with the biggest players in the area.
The study also confirmed how the evolution of current ATM devices can be achieved by applying the types of technology possessed by the project’s partners:

  • biometric data
  • vocal interaction
  • avatars
  • sophisticated printing


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