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A feasibility study for product/process innovation in health service procedures that interact with p

Aims chiudi

This research intends to verify the conditions necessary to create online health records containing all health information regarding the population: an innovative instrument encouraging interaction between patients and doctors, offering people a chance to participate in the processes that manage their healthcare.

Description chiudi

The fundamental idea is to offer patients a structured Web file designed to gather data concerning their health, information validated by Italy’s national health service: the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN).
The file will contain all records including case histories, problems, specialists, health centres, operations, treatments, efficacy, addresses, references and links: a personal file of information that a patient can use when meeting doctors and specialists in order to query specific issues with the SSN and that can provide useful information to authorised third parties as well (carers, relatives, etc.).
Moreover, the file can be made accessible (anonymously) to the entire population through the Internet and will be useful to those who are searching the Internet for information on how to manage their health problems. These files will be viewable using data previously defined and structured by an avant-garde search engine.

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