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Evaluation of Live Scanner Acquisition using USB3

Aims chiudi

The study is the result of a strong market need to be aligned with the technological developments in the field of Personal Computer. USB3.0 is an increasingly type of interface and is becoming a demand for allĀ devices connected to a Personal Computer.

Description chiudi

The feasibility study has the aim to determine andĀ identify the guidelines which will serve to implementation all of our companies live scanners,Ā starting fromĀ MS527, the USB3.0 interface will progressively substitute USB2.0, implemented on our current family of devices.Ā The feasibility of the solution will allow Green Bit to have a solution aligned with the trend technology of the international target market and be the first to offer it to the market reference.Ā The business model of Green Bit is based on the B2B model, and this option will beĀ offered with this modality; it will beĀ proposed for System Integrators or Solution Provider who will use within their applications.

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