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Golden Infra

Aims chiudi

This project intends to innovate how salt, grit and other materials are spread on roads to prevent the formation of ice, using navigation and communications technology onboard gritting vehicles connected to the road infrastructure control centre. The goal is to streamline the decision-making process controlling and directing these vehicles using the information gathered: data concerning previous gritting efforts and weather report data.

Description chiudi

During the winter season, suitable maintenance services designed to prevent the formation of ice and the removal of snow are put into action in order to guarantee that roads and motorways remain safe and clear, even during bad weather conditions. At the moment, road gritting procedures are not optimised because they have an environmental impact (salt pollutes groundwater and crops grown along the roadside) and they reduce road safety (salt wears down the road surface).
The GOLDEN-INFRA project develops the existing monitoring system based on EGNOS and Galileo, with the aim of managing gritting parameters in real time. This development is based on an Internet of Things approach to information gleaned from winter maintenance, from weather reports on ice formation and data supplied by vehicles, information which is then processed by the road control system as input when gritting lorries are sent out in advance.

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