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Tutoring On Line Platform

Aims chiudi

According to the information made available by the Ministry of Education is evident that 42 percent of students are promoted with educational debts and only 1 out of 4 retrieves them. For this reason it was decided to face an instructional and educational intervention to overcome these shortcomings for students risking jeopardizing the continuation of their studies (creating a platform for online tutoring).

Description chiudi

The project is divided into 5 sub-projects for the realization of a feasibility study aimed at analyzing the current scenario regarding:


  1. online tutorig with reference to competitors and the technologies they use, innovative technologies that can be used as part of the school support network

     2.  definire an ideal application field depending on the type of school, subject and delivery period

  1. define the detailed requirements of the ideal reference model, delivery methodology; method of study;

     4. define the strengths and weaknesses through the SWOT methodology of today's existing solutions in relation to the ideal reference model;

  1. design a prototype solution

The goal of the project is therefore to define a detailed scenario of reference for identifying the strategic requirements for the future development of a platform for the delivery of a training support on the web, figure out which is the correct direction for a systematic approach to the introduction of an online tutoring platform, design an innovative tool based on a web platform, to support students with learning deficiencies.

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