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Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Aims chiudi

In recent years, many studies have been activated to analyze the cloud security, with the purpose of identifying the major vulnerability and the potential threats to which users (of various nature organizations) are exposed. From these, the importance of implementing a process of Risk Assessment (RA).

Description chiudi

The goal of the proposed study is to evaluate the possibility of creating a RA software able to automatically read the data provided by the Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VA), which are in turn able to objectively detect vulnerabilities that may exist under observation. The vulnerability assessment or vulnerability analysis allows to identify all the vulnerabilities that plague an information system, analyzing all the components, whether they are network devices, perimeter defense systems, workstations or servers, with special attention to applications and services on display. Specifically, the study will assess the feasibility of integrating the RA prototype software developed by NIS with innovative tools of VA, proposed by IEIIT-CNR, so that their outputs will be handled as if they were automatically filled in questionnaires by the system.

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