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Client HTML5-based per NICE DCV

Aims chiudi

The study is part of a context characterized by a growing interest of companies in the Cloud Computing technologies, perceived as an effective tool to increase business efficiency and reduce management costs and IT infrastructure maintenance. In recent years there was some innovative technologies that allow to perform interactive 3D applications in the Cloud environment, including the one developed by NICE and called DCV (Desktop Cloud Visualization).

Description chiudi

The study aims to analyze the feasibility of developing a new software technology that allows DCV, the product developed by NICE for remote viewing, access to remote desktop using a normal web browser instead of the client available today.

The achievement of this goal will enable end users to access DCV remote sessions without having to install any plugin ( "no plugins, zero install") or extensions in the browser, as requested by the current version of DCV and beyond its current limitations. The technology we need to developed will be based on Web standards such as HTML5, web sockets, WebGL. By creating an HTML5-based client, we will have access to 3D applications on the cloud using any device equipped with the latest generation of browsers.

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